All Detroit Become Chapters & Flowcharts Revealed {SPOILERS}

All Detroit Become Chapters & Flowcharts Revealed {SPOILERS}


Want an in-depth look into each of Detroit Become Humans Chapters and Flowcharts??? Well you’ve come to the right place. Strap in as we explore each of the chapters in Detroit Become Human and their respective courses. To jump to a specific chapters simply click on the link below.

Chapter 1: The Hostage 01:53
Chapter 2: Opening (Cinematic Movie)
Chapter 3: Shades if Color 02:56
Chapter 4: A New Home 03:17
Chapter 5: The Painter 04:10
Chapter 6: Partners 05:03
Chapter 7: Stormy Night 06:21
Chapter 8: Broken 07:34
Chapter 9: The Interrogation 08:14
Chapter 10: Fugitives 09:22
Chapter 11: From The Dead 11:05
Chapter 12: Waiting For Henk 11:31
Chapter 13: On The Run 12:34
Chapter 14: Jerico 14:22
Chapter 15: The Nest 14:54
Chapter 16: Time To Decide 16:05
Chapter 17: Zlatko 16:32
Chapter 18: Russian Roulette 18:49
Chapter 19: Spare Parts 19:39
Chapter 20: The Eden Club 21:17
Chapter 21: The Pirates Cove 22:13
Chapter 22: The Bridge 23:14
Chapter 23: The Stratford Tower 23:58
Chapter 24: Public Enemy 25:48
Chapter 25: Midnight Train 26:52
Chapter 26: Capitol Park 28:05
Chapter 27: Meet Kamski 28:41
Chapter 28: Freedom March 29:19
Chapter 29: Last Chance, Conner 30:37
Chapter 30: Crossroads 32:23
Chapter 31: Night Of the Soul 36:31
Chapter 32: Battle For Detroit 37:37

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