Deep Down, News from Capcom!

Deep Down, News from Capcom!

Ok people, it’s time to stop holding out hope for Deep Down… it’s never coming (*tear*).

Watch on to hear Chris’ thoughts on why Deep Down can offically be labeled vaporware.

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10 replies
  1. Michael Pierce
    Michael Pierce says:

    Wrong my man…
    Deep Down isn’t dead. They’re legally not allowed to discuss it since they’ve lost trademarks technically. If they discuss it as if they own it, they could get in a lot of trouble.
    Rumor is, they’re working on it, but until it’s ready, they won’t say a word in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit of some sort.

  2. Azure Knight
    Azure Knight says:

    The last thing I had heard about this crap, was that they were completely re-working it, so much that it would be totally different from what we had seen at E3.. Though graphically nice, and I'm all for dungeon crawlers… The minute I found out it was "Deep Down" and not Dragon's Dogma 2, I was like this can go deep down in the toilet lol.

  3. MasterfulKane
    MasterfulKane says:

    Never has the pathetic no of Darth Vader on his knees been so fitting for a moment in my life. I will still believe, that one day the very essence of what deep down is will be brought to the light.

  4. Ecclesiastes III
    Ecclesiastes III says:

    This is my theory "Sony backed out and Capcom has put it on the back burner and only in their spare time do they work on it and will release it on every platform but Sony's or even Sony's." From what I see it's pretty much done so they'd lose more to scrap it than to release it, So hope is still there imo.


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