How Kingsway uses reference to create fun intuitive mechanics?? – Design Run Game Design by Gigity McD

How Kingsway uses reference to create fun intuitive mechanics?? - Design Run

Let’s explore them mechanics in Kingsway which are well designed to fit with both the setting and the interface of the game. Kingsway is a fantasy RPG set inside a computer operating system. And this means there are some great mechanics that are combinations of these two things. In this video I am we discuss some of the mechanics that are referencing other things the player knows and I explain why some of the are my favorite and how these mechanics create an immersive experience and strong narrative connection.

First we look at the steam description of the game, which is published by Adult Swim and developed by Andrew Morrish. From this we see that some mechanics are mentioned such as bags, quests, and combat.

The bags in the game are designed, by the game designer, as file folders like windows explorer. The player can open a bag by clicking on the desktop icon for it and a window will pop up. Numerous things can be done with the items in the game, in which the game design has them displayed as files. These things include drag and dropping them into other bags and right clicking on them to consume them.

Quests are similar in the sense that they are designed as emails and the are stored in your email inbox. These quests parallel mechanics used for quests in other fantasy games.

Combat is also discussed as something the player needs to deal with as a pop up.

We take a break from the mechanics of the game to also talk about some other mechanics that are designed by reference in games. Such as the volk weapon in Call of Duty (cod) infinite warfare, the names of the UNSC vehicle in Halo and the windmills in Tooth and Tail.

Then we finally discuss my favorite mechanics in the game which is the error popups that are some attacks or traps in the games design. These are in the form of error windows that fly along the screen.

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