Interesting Design in Rise of the Tomb Raider | Design Run | #3 Game Design by Gigity McD

Interesting Design in Rise of the Tomb Raider  |   Design Run  |  #3

Let’s look at framing, some art for a waterfall and then some puzzle design. We also cover game design techniques like lighting, using color and negative space to direct a player, ledge color and more.

At the start we discuss the use of level design and light to frame up the objective the player is working towards. Talking about things like how waterfalls create negetive space around an area of high detail to have it stand out from the rest of the frame. We also quickly discuss a water fall and all the individual pieces that go together to make a small waterfall with several streams.

We progress into the level while discussing the level design to eventually reach a room with an isolated puzzle. We then slowly go over each part of the puzzle talking about things such as audio cues, use of light and paint, the mechanics and how to solve it before finally reaching our goal from the start of the level.

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