PlayStation home is back!!!!!!!! -Nebula realms harbour studio Tour- The Real Huggable Panda

PlayStation home is back!!!!!!!! -Nebula realms harbour studio Tour-

Hey guys PlayStation home is back!! In nebula realms. Harbour studio private apartment

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  1. Shannon Ware
    Shannon Ware says:

    PS Home.. Made REAL friends on there.. So many memories. There were so many times I stayed up all night on there laughing so hard it hurt at ppl.. And damn straight I miss it

  2. onlygaming
    onlygaming says:

    Had an PS3 from 2007-2014 Since 2011 the Slim Edition, Played PS Home a Lot, would Like to Play it for one more Time, why it cant be Offline available? :/ Really nice Text conversations Had in PS Home :) Now i have an PC but for GT Sport and GT 7 and this Closed Beta Game i could buy an PS4

  3. xDaniel
    xDaniel says:

    Ahh I miss PSHome so much. Legit so depressing..everytime I hear seagulls on a sunny day IRL I think back to my Harbour Studio Apartment and how you could hear the seagulls and ocean. So sad

  4. Dormela
    Dormela says:

    I miss Home so Much Memories so many Memories and i spent most of my time in here with my brother. He lived so far away that this was our way of hanging our together.


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